As a member organisation IAP2 is keen to engage with you to hear your views.

IAP2 is governed by a Federation Board of representatives from each of the 6 Affiliate Boards in Australasia, Canada, United States of America, Indonesia, Southern Africa and Italy.

IAP2 Australasia with over 2000 members is the largest Affiliate, followed by Canada and the USA with around 400 each.

This Federation Model was launched January 1, 2011, with an anticipated 10-year implementation timeline. The attached report provides background about the IAP2 organisation, how it evolved to its present state, what considerations were included in the decision to move to a Federation Model, what the expected end-state was, and what the current status is. A bibliography of source documents is included at the end of this report, and available at https://iap2.site-ym.com/?FederationModel

In the interest of continuous improvement, it is appropriate as we approach year 5 of the Federation to take a step back and review the governance model and funding structure of the organisation to determine what adjustments may be required to ensure ongoing sustainability. It is important for members to have an opportunity to provide input in the discussion.

The attached document provides details on the proposed roles and responsibilities and potential funding models for the Affiliate and the Federation Boards. The input received will be reviewed and discussed at the Federation Board meeting in September 2015, where decisions will be made on the future IAP2 Business Model.

The “engagement ask” is located on pp 7 and 8 of the attached document. The funding model will be a result of the final decision on roles and responsibilities, but the recommendations are included here for input and comment.

Also attached is a list of FAQs.

If you would like any further information please contact one of our Federation Board representatives Leanne Hartill or Wendy Carlson at board@iap2.org.au.

Please also forward any feedback on the proposed roles and responsibilities to board@iap2.org.au by 31 July to allow compilation of all comments to take to the Federation Board meeting.

Thank you.

Deputy Presiding Member
Leanne Hartill